Plug in to your potential

Plug in to your potential is a deeply real and truly intimate relationship with everything. A relationship that, when really cared for, is experienced through the transcending spiral-shaped motion that is alive inside of us. The core of the spiral is a point of fire which firmly unfolds the natural appearance of boundless spaciousness and the unique person, all at the same time. When the spiral itself is held and nourished in the perspective of the alchemical meeting between seeming opposites it reveals the authentic experience of the unity of all parts of life. Spirituality, sexuality and creativity no longer appears as separate phenomena, but as facets of one integrated sparkling movement – the life-force. Plug in to your potential is therefore ultimately a fully relaxed expression of naturally sacred human life.

I want to acknowledge the rare collaboration and friendship that I have with Susanna Nova the founder of Spirited Living. When we met more than 20 years ago we instantaneously recognized each other in the mutual understanding of love and life — as a creative blast as and in between all seeming counterparts. A spontaneous and truly alive consideration started. It never stopped… From there a deepening of the heart of both Spirited Living and Plug in to your potential continuously unfolds between us.