I was born a mystic… since I have travelled in life with a profound curiosity for the real. I am moving in the world with a natural wisdom which springs from an authentic well of alchemy – the meeting between seeming counterparts. With my daily life I’m holding a prayer; a fierce embrace for tangible relaxed reality to take form. I am a sincere and silent lover with death, as that is where the deepening magic and unconditional beauty is truly alive.

For you, I am a provider of a space for the meeting of the seeming opposites of dark and light. I am not the light in the dark though – I am the one that takes a firm grip of your hand, following you deeper into “whatever”. Holding you to remember the real places where transcending magic naturally unfolds.

“While dancing in the world of today let me always feel the native sorrow of my heart. There where I can rest in unconditional joy of the real – the naked space of mature innocence.” – Gita